The main responsibilities of a hotel receptionist.

Many people forget how important a receptionist is to a hotel.  The value of a friendly and professional greeting cannot be ignored.  Here are some of the main responsibilities of a hotel receptionist.

Firstly and most importantly, a receptionist must greet and welcome guests as they arrive in the hotel.  Any candidate hoping to become a hotel receptionist must have strong communication skills as well as an interesting personality.

A hotel receptionist must also check guests in as they arrive.  This must be done as fast as possible and in a professional way.  Guests must be allocated to the right room, and then shown where they need to go and given any important contact details.

Receptionists also take bookings and must learn how to use the booking system effectively.  They must also answer all phone enquiries and deal with them appropriately.  Some hotels which have a restaurant will require the hotel receptionist to take restaurant bookings as well.

Lastly, this role includes a fairly large amount of administration duties.  This includes things like organising bookings, taking payments and filing paperwork.  If being a receptionist isn’t for you, try looking into Hotel Management Jobs


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